Overview of the 2 Day Healthcare Sales & Marketing Course



Wondering how you can get a leg up on your competition for patient acquisition? Confused about what marketing options are your best bet for providing the highest ROI? Do you understand which marketing channels are actually working and how to gauge them and “double down” on what’s actually bringing patients in the door? Also, once you get patients into your practice, how good are you and your staff at converting leads into patients?


Prospective patients are smarter than ever, with recent studies showing that 3/4 of Americans look for health information online. This includes finding their new doctor and evaluating reviews, which may mean canceling a referral if the reviews are suboptimal. For instance, did you know that HALF of all doctors hate what they see when they Google themselves??



Well you can get the answers to ALL of your marketing questions and boost your patient acquisition strategies dramatically by attending the R3 Medical Healthcare Sales and Marketing Course!



Healthcare Sales & Marketing CourseDon’t settle for the same, tired courses that teach you basic marketing skills from presenters who haven’t actually been in your shoes. Learn from marketing EXPERTS who have been in practice, owned practices, worked with hundreds of practices nationwide, and written several books on Healthcare Marketing! 



Healthcare Marketing & Sales Course will not only provide specifics for your patient acquisition strategies, but also each attendee will receive a free book and coaching sessions with Dr. Greene, author of TWO books on Healthcare Marketing. 


Who Should Attend?

First off, the Sales and Marketing Course is available both In Person and with a Virtual Live Stream. Virtual attendees will be able to participate in Q&A in real time, and ALL attendees will have access to the presentations and videos long term afterwards. 



The Healthcare Marketing and Sales Course offers the latest tips and techniques for success. These skills will be applicable to the following:


  • Practicing Providers (DC, MD, DO, ND, DNP, NP, PA, Acupuncture, RN, Aesthetician)
  • Practice and Hospital Marketers
  • Practice and Hospital Administrators

All Attendees will receive a FREE Book on Healthcare Marketing (written by Dr. Greene) and One on One Coaching sessions with him too! As a practice owner, Dr. Greene achieved 80% of patient acquisition through online efforts, and the rest through his in-person efforts. Hear how he did it and you can do it too!


What Will I Learn?


The R3 Medical Healthcare Sales & Marketing Course offers the latest tips and techniques for success in all types of healthcare marketing. This will include a deep dive into the full Customer Journey from generating leads all the way through conversions!



  • Understand Why Patients Buy Your Services
  • Digital Marketing – Organic, Social Media, Video, PPCDigital Marketing
  • Provider Referrals
  • Lead Conversions, including NeuroMarketing Techniques
  • Radio, TV, Print Opportunities
  • Reputation Management
  • Overcoming Objections

Why Should I Attend?

R3 Digital Marketing Course

You care about how to get new patients into your practice, not just generating leads. And you want to achieve that goal cost effectively while knowing what’s working and what’s not. Remember when Retailer John Wanamaker said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”?

This course will help you understand the half that IS WORKING, and be able to double down on that for the best ROI achievable. Practices and hospitals spent exorbitant marketing dollars on patient acquisition, often in ways that are just NOT smart. We will fix that with this course.



Whether you perform marketing by yourself, or have a marketing team in place, this course is for you if cost effective patient acquisition is the goal and you are looking to grow. Whether you have been practicing for decades, or you are new in practice,  this course will get you up to date on the best sales and marketing opportunities that exist TODAY.



David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA

David Greene, MD, MBA founded R3 Medical Training to help providers learn needed skill sets in an immersive setting. Dr. Greene actively participates in a lot of the training courses. He regularly presents on marketing for online patient acquisition, including sales training too!

Dr. Tal Cohen DAOM, MS-FMHN

Dr. Cohen founded A New Way Clinic, which is Portland’s top functional medicine practice. As a supplement expert, you will enjoy and learn from his supplement expertise. Turn your procedures into a full program offering!