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R3 Medical Training exists for one main reason. To help YOU obtain skills that will be immediately useful in clinical practice. What that means is concentrating on useful didactic presentations and hands on programs that are not only immersive for attendees, but also memorable.


All too often, providers attend a course and within two weeks 90% of the experience becomes a distant memory. Why? Because most medical courses focus too much on basic science, textbooks and theoretical knowledge.  Not only do these types of courses get boring very quickly, attendees forget the information rapidly.

Therefore, R3 Medical Training focuses on an experiential learning model, where attendees are immersed in vital education sprinkled frequently with hands on experience and interaction. If it’s an injection course, you should not only see procedures, but also do and have them! If a course includes significant didactic material, the presentations should be interactive and include audience participation.


Why? Not only does experiential learning make the time spent more fun, but studies show attendees RETAIN the information better and longer. Not only is feedback encouraged, but we need feedback to make sure attendees received their desired experience.

That is the goal of R3 Medical Training:

An experiential learning environment that provides attendees with immediately useful information and skills. The result is more information and skills retained for better patient outcomes and increased practice revenue, making the course ROI a NO BRAINER!


Attendees constantly rave about their experiences at R3 Courses. The reasons are the same. The combination of didactic plus hands on is very well received. Providers say it’s money well spent and they will immediately be able to implement practical knowledge and skills into their practices.


Anyone desiring a return visit will receive a significant discount. Completion certificates are sent after the course is over.