autologous adipose

Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Training Course


Hands on autologous adipose SVT training is offered by R3 at several courses. This includes the Comprehensive Stem Cell Training Courses along with the Regenerative Aesthetics Training Courses.


R3 Medical Training chose stromal vascular tissue (SVT) as the autologous adipose method to incorporate for several reasons:


  1.  Some patients are adamant that they only want their own cells to be used. Adipose is a MUCH Better option than bone marrow. The stem cell counts are a lot higher, and studies have shown that with age, adipose stem cells maintain their potency. With bone marrow stem cell therapy, the amount of stem cells drops to one in a million after the age of 50. And the ones that do exist become much less active.

2. Adipose SVT therapy is completely FDA compliant. No enzymes are used during the procedure (unlike SVF), so the FDA has no problem with it.


3. Patients tolerate the procedure exceptionally well. No need for general anesthesia, and sedation is not necessary either.


4. The SVT kits are all inclusive, providing everything the provider needs to perform the autologous adipose stem cell therapy.


5. The autologous adipose training with R3 Medical provides attendees with the skill set necessary to offer the procedure in one’s office. No surgery center is necessary!


The procedure itself takes under 45 minutes, and results are exceptional. SVT works great for joint and soft tissue injections along with all types of aesthetic procedures. This includes hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and sexual wellness cases.


Simply visit to see when upcoming courses are occurring. The autologous adipose courses are designed to be hands on with attendees participating actively under the supervision of the expert trainers. Or simply call us at (888) 998-6343!